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Our Hardscaping/Xeriscaping services are distinguished by a focus on environmentally sustainable landscapes that thrive in water-scarce conditions. We specialize in custom designs featuring drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation, and cost-effective solutions. Our approach combines visual appeal with functionality while promoting water conservation and eco-friendly practices. With an emphasis on client education, we empower homeowners to make informed choices for a unique and environmentally responsible outdoor space.

Landscaping design

Our landscape design services focus on transforming outdoor spaces into functional and visually appealing environments. We specialize in creating customized designs that harmonize with the natural surroundings and reflect our clients’ unique preferences. From garden layouts to hardscape features, our collaborative approach ensures a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality for personalized and enjoyable outdoor experiences. Choose our services for a transformative and tailored approach to elevate your outdoor living spaces.

Landscape desing
Yard cleanups

Yard Cleanups

Our yard cleanup services provide a swift and thorough solution to rejuvenate outdoor spaces. We specialize in efficiently clearing debris, trimming overgrown vegetation, and restoring order to neglected yards. Whether it’s post-season cleanup or routine maintenance, our experienced team ensures a meticulous and timely transformation. From leaf removal to pruning, we take care of every detail, leaving your yard looking tidy and well-maintained. Choose our yard cleanup services for a hassle-free and refreshing makeover, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of your outdoor area. complement your landscape seamlessly. Elevate your property’s charm and security with AJA Landscaping’s distinctive fencing solutions.

Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems

Our sprinkler and irrigation services focus on maximizing water efficiency for vibrant and healthy landscapes. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining precision irrigation systems tailored to specific plant needs, soil conditions, and climate. Utilizing advanced technology, from smart controllers to efficient drip irrigation, we prioritize water conservation while ensuring your outdoor spaces remain lush and thriving. Choose our services for a streamlined and sustainable approach to maintaining the beauty and health of your landscape.

Sprinkler system


Our maintenance services are designed to keep your outdoor spaces looking impeccable year-round. We specialize in comprehensive and regular upkeep, including lawn care, pruning, weeding, and debris removal. With a keen eye for detail, our experienced team ensures that your landscape remains healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Tailored to your specific needs, our maintenance plans offer a hassle-free solution to preserve the beauty of your outdoor environment. Choose our services for reliable and professional maintenance, allowing you to enjoy a well-groomed and inviting landscape without the stress of upkeep.

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